Tuesday, October 10, 2006

All About Me

My name is Tee Ka Foo. I am a boy. The boy likes to play.

Ok, lets get this straight. I am not some 10 year old trying to follow a trend or some person who just want to uncover all the bits and pieces of his life, leaking every piece of information he has to the public although everyone is not aware. Hmm.... What should I say about me..... I am an avid military fanboy who has not yet serve in the military. After reading a lot of articles about tactical espionage, i decided not to leak any information about me ( besides the general ones). I listen to heavy metal, shock rock, progressive rock, new age, chinese pop(only jay chow and F.I.R), and ochestrated music. What else.... Thats about all, wait for my next post.


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