Thursday, June 05, 2008


Is it Arcturus in front or is it just betelgeuse.
My dream, my imagination.....

All is lost,
No stars, no nebula, no galaxies
My fault, my mistake

Is there such a thing as a Sombrero?
Or is it just things i made up,
they made up?

Is there only a society of alberts?
Or people are just being sensitive?
I wonder .....

To swim in the sea of ocean is my dream,
to dive, to sleep no more,
this is a consummation with shards of stars piercing,
My lungs and liver.

In this world of stars,
there is,
but a little nebula,
awaiting to be discovered and rediscovered.

Will there be a end?
Or the universe be forever expanding?

There is no answer,
to this stupid little question.

To question the impossible,
let not just waste time,
and just rest.


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