Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Once again, I am going back to Singapore after a relatively short break. During this period, I have perfected the art of stoning in front of my com, downloading every types of files imaginable. Ebooks, music albums, videos, and such.

My ride is at 3 a.m. in the morning for fear of the rumored nation wide riots that is going to happen when they increase the fuel prices. That pak lah is going down, right after this.

Malaysia is a good place to live in, plenty of resources, plenty of chio bu and plenty of pirated DVDs. Food is good here and living is relaxed and carefree. The only thing I cant stand basically boils down to two major types of people, politicians who dont give a fuck about their country and those people supporting them in order to gain profit out of their stupidity.

I am officially criticizing the BN government and those who want to use the ISA to catch me, bring it on. I got friends in the Singapore Commandos and I dare you to catch me.

Oh bothers...., of to pack my stuff and to have a match with my brother.

In conclusion for today and thought of the day for next week,

To insist on one's place in the scheme of things and to live up to that place.
To empower others in their reaching for some place in the scheme of things.
To do these things is to make fairy tales come true.


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