Thursday, May 22, 2008

Believing again

Have I not done enough? or I have overdone it?

"Steak Medium rare, please."

"Not having your usual well done, sir?"

"Not today,not today."

There is a certain perfection in an in-perfection.The perfect flaw. so, what i am. In the quest for perfection, I have lost myself, to myself.

People told me, you have to believe in yourself. I did. I am content. Still, I do not quite take into consideration of others. Others might not accept my views. I knew exactly what they are thinking but i choose not to conform.

Why is the society so weak? Always seek to conform. Are they not mindless drones who will feast on human flesh? Yet, it is through the mindlessness that they achieve the purity of purpose.

We seek purity, and we are to be pure in the mind. We seek purity and perfection, others seek something eternal. Is there a life after death? Or that we are made to believe that there is?

To believe in something that is abstract, worshiping ideas. So, do we need to leave a mark behind, or just a blood stained cement floor where we die a violent death?

Sometimes, we need to conform, sometimes we do not. We are the perfect living things because we are flawed. It is through in-perfection that we are ourselves. Sometimes, why do we believe that things can be perfect, are we forced to? or is there a choice?

We have a choice, they say, the choice between to believe in them and to believe in them. That is the choice that they give us and there are no other way but through them. Day-light robbery that is, i felt.

Why is it important to believe in others? I think, everything originates from the same source, self.

It is important to first believe in yourself. There is no wrong in that. We are just ourselves. There can be no alternative, no possession, no identity other than the fact that an individual controls his own fate. There is only hope when one believes but hope always brings disappointment. We need not all these if we really believe in ourselves, and purity of purpose. Live with a purpose, believe in yourself.


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