Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Mein Kampf

Target marked, accelerating.......
I am no projectile in a linear collider.

Target locked, attacking......
I am no missile in a F-15

Bearing acquired, launch torpedo......
I am no wolf in the sea

Bearing set, full speed ahead.......
I am not Bismark stricken in the bay

Spears loaded, aiming.......
I am no crew serving a piece

String pulled, releasing.......
I am no yeoman on the ridge

Struggles,it is all the same,
It is all by men who knew nothing,
No conscience without a soul.
Conflict, there is no end,
Peace, there is much hate.

It is all about struggles,
big or small,
Long or short,
It is all the same.

Maybe the swastika will give us all
the struggle we lust.


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