Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mahathir went fishing

One day in 2001, PM Mahathir went fishing at Johor Strait. He waited for hours but no fish took his bait. He got annoyed and asked a fishermen nearby way to improve his luck. The fisherman replied: "YAB, even I dont get any fish since you are here." "Why?" "Well, YAB, you are such a powerful man in the world - no fish dares to open its mouth when you are around!" Mahathir laughed and went.

Last month, Mahathir went fishing again at Johor Strait. Again, for hours, he got nothing. The former PM got very angry and shouted to the sea: "You bloody fishes! I am no longer the PM. No need to be afraid of me. Open your mouth! This is an order."


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