Thursday, September 06, 2007


a little something I intended to do in Year 5

Writing a play
Just something out of the blue. Just felt a little depressed that day.

The Sleeping Beauty

Plot summary:
An experiment is made where by a woman is drugged and a coin is tossed. If the coin results in a head, the sleeping beauty is awakening and interviewed on the second day. The experiment then ends. If the coins produce a tail result, the sleeping beauty is awakened in the second day and is drugged again and the experiment continues until the experiment reaches a conclusion. The drug has a memory wiping effect such that the sleeping beauty will not know any thing in the day before. Each interview consists of one question, "What is your credence now for the proposition that our coin landed heads?"
A researcher named Chad was employed by a professor to conduct such an experiment with the volunteer named Jennifer. With $50,000 worth of cash in front of his eyes, Chad simply can not let this golden opportunity to earn money for his debt ridden father slip away. The experiment begins. His pay will only come when the experiment ends.
It will be a story about a person who is engaged in a one-sided love without the other half knowing, keep forgetting his existence as a whole.
It will also see how a person’ s frustration be accumulated and in the end killed himself.


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