Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Yes... I have no life.

And yes, I am a person who is filled with testosterone and a nerdy looking freak. And guess what nobody likes me. the loser in the block.It is ok.

Yes, I am dim witted and slow and ya, I am slow on that part also. Why am I doing all this? Actually, one very simple reason, for the kick of it.

I don't have a life and do not intend to. It is ok.

Sometimes, it is just too bad for stuff to happen to me. I am just too slow to notice it.

And yes, I tried to killed myself once, but that is for another reason. Just that I longed for you. And the emo momo stuff gets along.

Actually, I expected this to happen anyway, since most of my intended relationship does.

But just this time round it is different. Just that I am more sad than usual.


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