Sunday, August 05, 2007

To be or not to be, am i?

Why is there always a question, for us meager human to answer.

What must we strain ourselves so much to live and to die in the end?

Governed by faith, we suffers from it, or must we sit there to do nothing? fight it?

And by fighting, struggling in our live we ends them, and to die with it.

Is death the end?

The hurt of others and many more when we die, it that another completion?

Why are we living so long and suffer so much more.

And in our lives we see so much injustice happening and justice always comes too late.

How can we change anything about our fortune, or rather misfortune.

And when we fight, it is like using a small dagger to kill a great bear of old. There is little chance that we can triumph against life itself.

And what we can do is only grumble and swear, cursing this unwanted life.

And when we need to break out of this bondage, we die.

When we die, there is always a catch.

Death is a journey when we see no one coming back alive.

who knows what wait for us after our deaths.

The fear of the unknown catches our conscience.

For being aware we became cowards, trying to out run our faith.

Out thoughts betray us, making us weak.

Even our determined course can be of a sicklied cripple of that of a pauper.


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