Sunday, July 22, 2007

Iron Chef 2007

Iron Chef competition in the boarding school has been always my weakspot, I just could not resist participating. This year, my team won a silver for hall 5, but I must give thanks to all my team mates, if not of their mental support, I could have just sit there and do nothing.

The game part was boring so my team went planning ahead of the rest. We were the first to prepare but the timing was a bit off. We finish our fair share of cooking way before the rest of the teams. As a result, our food is cooler....

Oh well....

Our food presentation is among the most orthodox one, thanks to my father. It gives a warm welcome to the judges. The setting was a bit too prefect that my father ask me why didnt I bought joss sticks (position of the food was like offering to ancestors), and that our altar have 5 of our ancestors, same as our number of judges that day.....creepy.

My parents gave me a lot of support, both mental and physical.My father also joked around for quite a lot, commenting on one of the teams dish was having their ***p* drop on the plate. That made me laugh like tommorrow. Prone to such humor i guess, or is it i was too serious and stress out to actually have fun.

The judges comment were,"It tasted professional" then i was like,if it is professional, my dad would be god-like.

Oh well, as for Xiang Jun, I took your number because my father ask me to.....

So, in conclusion, lets me politically correct, after a long day, I was tired but happy. Too bad no clubbing or Zouk out after that......


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