Saturday, July 28, 2007

I wonder what the purpose of our lives on earth is for. After a week of hectic and high octane activities, somehow I felt that I could not focus on anything anymore. Like a zombie, I just wonder in my room, not wanting to go out. Somehow, i see no purpose in doing anything......

What is our live different from those of a zombie. Everyday, we repeat what we do, wake up, go to school, study, CCA, homework and sleep. the life cycle continues...."If we do the same thing everyday, I believed that we can predict the future." The future seem so controlled, predictable, stable. Is this the life we have been sought after? From the early stone ages, humans has been living in danger, a high adrenaline lifestyle where one can die out of a little but fatal mistake. Our life now negates everything. those who long for that kind of lifestyle is slowly devoid of life, the vibrant flow of uncontrolled energy.

Do we still cling on what we have? "It is after we have lost everything, we are free to do anything." The material wealth we have will poison our body and ultimately our soul. Like stagnant water, our body became corrupted, hinder by those who call themselves having a life. It is through gaia we learn our role. What is it then? We don't know. We are not suppose to. The inner calm that we sought, what do we do after we achieve it?

When all our wishes are granted, our hopes will be destroyed.

The best is yet to be I think, an excuse of moving on and on and...etc In order to justify that, we need something else. Spiritual guidance? Maybe, Blind faith? could be.

Nothing is fair. Life is not fair, so why bother making it fair? Like what my mother said:"If you want to hurt someone, dont just pinch him, go all out and injure him until he could not fight back. It is then you can stand on top of him and laugh at him, and do it when he is not looking."

Our lives now allows us to make mistakes, but the human spirit of fighting on is slowly lost. I guess, this is how evolution make one species extinct. Complacency, the ability to sit down and eat a full meal. Is what plague our human kind. The imbalance of getting the said ability.

Life's full of grey areas, we can never explore them throughoutly, Why just don't make it black and white? No, because it is not fair and we could not controlled it. Life just don't work that way. Typical question, typical answer.


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