Thursday, June 12, 2008


Just before the ASPIRE camp, I would like to dedicate this for the lord emperor as he has been watching over me. A prayer before the storm.

My lord emperor, you are ever present in my heart and soul, grant me the strength and wisdom that is required to overcome this obstacles. It may be hard, i know as you have always said if the journey is easy, the destination is worthless. Thank you lord to allow me to realize it's meaning at the fullest and hope that I will strive to achieve in you name and your name shall be the guide and beacon in the time of hardship and desolation. Thank you lord for granting me the peace of the mind and the strength to push me forward as i will utilize this to glorify your name. May you grant me the courage and calmness when facing challenges, the coolness of the head and rational thoughts in the presence of severe stress, may you remind me not to over exert myself and to keep pace with the camp.

Thank you lord for the blessing that you have showered upon me, in the name of the most immortal emperor, AMEN.


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