Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ubin, Again

On the way back from my third Pulau Ubin trip, I was caught by the police, narrowly avoiding having to "drink coffee" with them in their own cafeteria in the interrogation room.

Actually, the whole experience is not scary at all. It seems that both sides understand each other and will not obstruct each other to do their work. It seems that those 5 to 6 immigration officers likes my knife. Luckily i did not show them my ultimate one which is twice the size.

The Ubin camp is fun, we did everything possible back there. Fire starting, stove cooking, back woods man and things like that. Too bad for those who did not go.

I think it is possible to have the whole troop to be down there. the camp site is so perfect saved for some good friends we have known and love.


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