Sunday, May 04, 2008


Once upon a time, there was Orion the hunter. He hunts

Stay tune to the story that is about to be unveiled. The story will be about orion the hunter and his nearby compliments of constellations. Furthermore, the precise myths regarding the legend, the one that he was stung to death by scorpio will be described in great detail. Then, the symbolism of the Orion in ancient greek and roman culture will be analyze to a great extend such that the strong willed yet rowdy handsome hunter will be his end under the term poetic justice as the author of this post thinks that he is too flirtatious for his own good. Switching to a technical side, all the features of the constellation orion will be dissected in order to give the readers of this blog a greater understanding on the topic of astronomy as well as astrology which will be covered in greater depths such that fellow readers will achieve enlightenment based on a certain novel by some german (note: not mein kampf you silly bugger, although it is about a certain member of the aryan race and the basic symbol is strikingly similar to a certain extend, which Mr Farlow always says. Come back to the novel, it is just another personal journey towards a certain goal, hey, i smell something fishy here, and no, it is still not mein kampf despite contrary believes.) Oh well, where was I? Ah, Orionids meteor shower will be showcased in the next sessions in whatever months that it is coming without pictures. All i can tell you is that imagine people started throwing lightsticks towards you in the middle of the night. Hmm....I think we can have a little forum about how stars looks like in the dark. Wait, must it be in the dark? I am so afraid. The above fine prints is bought to you by the emo guy who is also a scouts who is also an astronomer aka Carefour aka Tee Ka Foo, beware of the Mark-Lupercal at the front or back of his name according to your preference regarding names, the so called warp daemon religion. Till then, may his light shine unto us all.

Thought of the day: He who stand with me shall be my brother.(or sisters)(the more sisters the better)(What am i thinking?, stop that!)


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