Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wow trip has been postponed.

Oh bollocks!

What in the name of dear bollocks is this arse? I mean the higher ups could have informed us earlier, couldn't they? We could have just unpack all our cargo into their respective areas and scoot. Now they have done it. Postponed it to an August? My August!

They always thought that the Astronomy club is the most relaxed activity of them all. It is not! It is bollocks to let them think that having 6 telescopes and 2 binoculars are good enough, in fact, our collection is not even worth more than some private collectors!

Now with the C-14 stuck up their arse, they rejected an offer to let our school participate in the Astrofest, contributing significantly to the Astronomy scenes. Those old hags, they don't dare to do such a tiny little gesture of respect to our brothers, eh?

Bloody feth, there is nothing compared to them,
Sie ist der hellste Stern von allen


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