Monday, November 12, 2007

Orionids Star Party

Lets have a summary of my post exams activity.

First, there is the Orionids star party, which me and the lovely RG girls had a fun time (tailing them to prevent them from crashing into one another). Drink and smoke all night with my poly friends. We did not slept at all the whole night, waiting only for the few comets to fly by. Some meteor shower. It was quite enjoyable until the rain came which makes all of us franticly collecting our telescopes and the bodies of the now drunken collegues. Well, I guess is good for them to relax a bit after all those hard work. The only thing that troubles me the most is still the organizer thing we have to do. Just two of us to control a crowd of fifty!

So, photos will be uploaded in a later date, stay tuned!


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