Monday, July 09, 2007

Venture Leadership Course

The Venture Leadership Course that was held over the last weekend was fruitful. It allows me to learn of my potential. I was "elected" the chairman of my ExCo, which results me to be super stress on the first night where we have only 2 hours or less to plan for the next day's activity.

I also felt that what I lack is the kick. I found out that I perform better under sever stress. the kind of stress where I can feel my eyes twitching and all of my limbs tremble. I felt a rush of adrenalin throughout my body and I felt happy. the joy of the pain I suppose.

The Venture challenges are fun to do, except that we under estimated the time management part. The games are ok i think as I was in the raft building crew. Flag break in the middle of a pond is a new experience for me as we watch our raft partially submerged under the water when eight of us went up to the raft itself.

The lectures are fun to be in as we learn tons of leadership skills. although they didnt taught us how to deal with different personalities, the communication skills that are needed during the storming period. guess we have to find it out ourselves. The manual is a good read although i lost it towards the end of the camp. What a waste.... I guess I need to get another photocopy then.

I learnt about how to be initiative in doing stuff. If one wants to become the leader, he must be firm and the first to lead. After the camp, I felt the confident level rose within me, I feel joy in leading and getting all stress up.

I also found out that a leader should have some legends under him, no matter how outrages the so called "legends" are. I think that is how you get the awe and respect when people communicate with you.Different types of leader provides different kind of leadership in different situation. I believe i am more of a leader than a manager, ehich i cant manage anything for nuts, but I know how to delegate so i can focus on other things. I think I am those kind of situational leader, those who will stand up when everyone is stress up. I will not be the leader of the pack, as I felt that everyone should have given chances of performing, rather than a I-do-it-all leadership which I observe is strongly prevalent in my scout troop.

Kudos for all the chairman and vice chairman whom I worked with, you guys rocks! and to the raft building crew, although the flag poles gets bit awry, you guys are a good bunch of people I would rather work with than with any other choices. After examining the pictures, the problem of the flag pole would be because of the ground it were in before launching. You can discuss the problem with me in other time though.

For all those people who wants the photos, I have uploaded nearly every photos I have taken in the camp. If you notice anything missing, feel free to contact me. I have yet to get the photos from Sunbear, so must wait for a while.

In conclusion, I would like to thank all the people who were with me during the camp, I have found the joy of Scouting again, and my confidence back. I will never forget how we suffer, eat, sleep and have fun together, even if it is a short two day camp.

And a special tribute to the trainers and facilitators (hugs). You guys have make me learn a lot, and Sunbear, I forgot to show you my chopper.

And DongMei,if you are reading this, (shoots with carbine).

And that should be all for my personal AAR for VLC 07.


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