Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Arab Wisdom

An example of Sulha: "If you and your brother fight,you divide it"

It is from an Arab is Palestine."If there is equality there is Justice" Abu Ramsi.

Looking at the situation right now in the Gaza strip, the condition has worsen from a negotiable status into a I-have-to-kill-you state. Why can't people just talk. Why are government run by childish people who knows no honor.

Only robbers and thieves are in the area, ruining the poor innocent civilian lives. Just sit down and talk, you take yours and I take mine, is that so hard to do.

What do they mean by mature. The adults and their lies. They taught us good values yet they don't practice them themselves. What they condemned as childish and immature are just things that will shaken their grip of power.

United State of America has always been on the forefront of humans rights, ya right.

Think of how they buy and sell the Asians and Africans alike, treating them like animals, goods.

Why are we living by their standards? Their standards changes to suit their advantage and us are always at the disadvantage. Those third world countries has no choice after all. Should they resist, they will be obliterated.

It is America who is insecure, they are really the axis of evil.


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