Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Career Day

Career day was ok in a way that we get to move around, and have free goodies, too bad my journal was force to be given to Feng. But again, somehow I can see the Kiasuism exibited by our fellow man. I can see people getting on their hands the goodies given out by the people there, and that including me. This reminds me of how the Malaysians see Singaporeans as, and I was shocked only to found out that I am one of them, but nevermind, I think it is time for me to apply for a SAF scholarship soon....

Art today was terrible, I can't seem to do anything at all. My ideas are there, but are too disorganize to present them in a cohesive manner. I wish I could have be given more time for my work.....

Marilyn Manson's new album is coming out soon on 27th March, wish that I could get it. BTW, C&C 3 is coming out on the day after, so watch out for Scrin.


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