Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Parliament House

Visiting the Parliament House was a fun and exciting experience. We started off from school,but have a detour in the middle as we have to embrace a summon by a traffic police. He is quite cool though, for an officer for his job. We arrive at the place slightly delayed but is still in time for the session. We went into the hall excitedly, hoping to see Lee Hsien Loong, to our suprise, the atmosphere inside the hall is quite slack but still retain a sense of importance. Once entered the hall, we have to bow to the speaker, which I felt awkward at first but slowly adjusted to it as we move through the various places. The speaker was Dr Yacob, addressing on the problem of energy in Singapore.The language can be describe as simple yet insightful, there are no hidden meaning here and the other MPs are just frank on what they have to say. One suggested putting guppies in the rivers and such. They got an odd sense of humor though and has contributing towards the occasional giggles by the MPs. I wonder this is allowed though, but as the person in charge told us that there will be a person conducting the discipline of the people down at the seats, I guess it is fine. The most interesting moment is when they are talking about the Mosquito problems whereby they are comparing the size of the Mosquito and the cost to defeat Mosquito. this gave us a good laugh though. After all, this is not a military tribunal but a British based senate. We are quite lucky today as we saw the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong just below us and the passing of the golden stick around by the person with the Tux. It is quite an experience though.

When I grow up, I just want to be like one of them down there.


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