Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hindraf movement

The Hindraf movement has made its move already and while the protesters were charged one by one under the count of rioting, I felt something.

The Indians, who were brought here by the British, has lived for 150 years. Their presence in our society is so integrated that it would be hard for us to not notice them. As seen in our daily conversation and such, but I would not like to elaborate as my argument today will not focus on the Indian culture in Malaysia but a more social one.

One thing that is prevalent in the Indian community, or at least claimed by the Hindraf organization, is that they have been living in poverty and are oppressed and persecuted by the government. On this, I would only agree to a certain extent because as a Chinese, I have felt the same way. The treatment I felt is neutral, everyone can live with it and the Chinese have worked around it and established what we now call the Chinese Independent School, funded by Chinese Organizations.

The Indians, although in the same state as the Chinese, were not able to do the same thing. Why? there are two main reasons. First of all, The Indians do not have a strong economy base in Malaysia, unlike the Chinese who chose have their investment here in Malaysia. The Second reason explain the different between the second and third largest race in Malaysia. The Indians were not able to adapt themselves like the Chinese.

When the Chinese came in numbers from China, most of them still thinks that China is their homeland but change there mind soon as the Chinese ability to adapt and back then travelling back to China is equally perilious as the trip to Malaya. Indians, on the other hand, kept sending money back to India even till this day. From here on, there are two major mindset, one is that India is still their motherland and the other one is those who accept Malaysia as their Home country.

Although there are many more type of mindset, I would not delve into it as it will involve politics. So the Hindraf mostly belongs to the second type. Couple with unfair treatment and poverty, they felt insecure as our government is slightly bias against one group of people. Normally, people will have a unbalance mindset, thinking , why is so and so is getting all the stuff when they work less than us.

Also, due to lack of status and property, they have nothing to lose. So, there we have it, an indecent proposal to the British council in Malaysia and mass protest and demonstration.

So, there you have it, the Hindraf movement.


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